Coding With a Purpose

Meet the team

As a consultant I was just moving around. Now it finally feels like I’m doing something real.

Jonas, C# developer at Capish

The drive we have at Capish, is the ambition to create something that makes the world a better place. Maybe it sounds a bit pretentious at a glance, but at Capish we really believe this is the case. The software we’re developing has all the potential of becoming an important and crucial tool within medicine and pharmacology.

With the work we do, we believe we can create a wiser world and thereby make good for humanity in the longer run.

For us it’s coding with a purpose. That simple.

The crew here at Capish is a nice mix of men and women, younger people and less young people. We’re a group of geeks, nerds, developers, data managers, testers, architects, UX-designers… and from time to time an occasional dog. We’re all different – we have different backgrounds, different origins, different ages and different opinions.

What we share though, is a profound respect for each others and a love for coding. If you want to join us, please check our open positions.

We’re always on the look for talented colleagues!