Imagine Capish Reflect®

Capish Reflect® is a versatile software tailor-made for clinical science. The powerful underlying graph database, and its standardized ontologies, lets you explore, access and visualize complex data in a completely new way.

Developed with the user in mind, Capish Reflect is intuitive and easy to use. Since the application is web based, it’s the perfect tool and companion for team work regardless of where you physically are.

Capish Reflect

Imagine that the data from all your studies and various data sources can be found instantly in one single place. Imagine that this data also is in one structured and future-proof format.

And imagine that you get your answers without writing any code what so ever.

Then you are imagining Capish Reflect.

Software features

Powerful free-text search capabilities of all data or different subsets of data. Allows instant querying, retrieval and drill-down of data. Reflective logic is used for building advanced queries and adding vantage points for exploring data from alternative perspectives.

Tabs and tab groups can be designed based on the users’ roles, tasks, and the information they need. Tailored views are created from a vast selection of modular plugins.

Tables and charts can be saved with all the active settings. Share sessions and descriptions easily with authorized users.

Use any chart to identify patients that stand out. Easily access their full profile for further exploration.

Interactive charts allow fast and intuitive selection of the data you want to explore or transfer to a cohort. Find similar patients quickly by selecting criteria for matching with one or more patients in focus.

Work with intuitive dashboards for the bigger picture, or self-services for accelerated and more flexible explorations. Visualize correlations, distributions and timelines based on your selected data. Build tables for data of interest.

Data is stored as autonomous entities containing all its metadata. Data and metadata are also stored in a self-explanatory and interoperable format, to be compliant for future needs and exports.

Use filters to work with data from subgroups and cohorts or compare their data to the full dataset or different subsets by highlighting.


Access all data in one place in an understandable format. Structure and standardize your data to be a strategic asset. With Capish your data is neatly wrapped up and made future proof. 


Explore your data on a whim. Discover opportunities that are completely new to you, and dig into the details. The ability to build complex cohorts together with an easy way of creating graphs, makes this software an indispensible tool for researchers within pharma.


Capish Reflect is designed for collaboration. Attract external partners, scientists and investors by offering a unique platform with customized access to your data. Share selected data and findings with relevant parties.

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