At Your Fingertips
A New Approach to Data Exploration

Capish® Reflect is an innovative software for data exploration and visualization that empowers users to search and query complex data in a way never seen before.

It consists of an intuitive interface utilizing a modern graph database technology. Its powerful features enables you to access data, create informative charts, make free text searches and build cohorts in a way not possible with traditional relational databases.

With Capish Reflect you can examine all data all the time over the web, allowing for the creation of any graph, table or timeline. Even on the fly.

The interface allows the user to work with data on aggregate levels, for example through scatter plots, distribution graphs or list boxes. With it you can find outliers and examine anything related to them.

Capish Reflect

The software is developed with human beings in mind. It’s intuitive, user oriented and the content is structured like micro homepages. Data is organized like a mind map and information is easy to relate to, and always meaningful.

What really sets Capish Reflect apart, is its query logic and possibilities to create in-depth cohorts. Through an inventive function called Reflective Logic, you can decide which perspective, or vantage point, you want to perform your query from.

Graph databases are flexible and easily expandable. New nodes and relationships can be added without disturbing the existing graph. As a consequence, the data model can evolve with the understanding of the respective domain. This means that data can already be exploited or evaluated before the final data model has emerged. Repurposing of the data is also much easier as the perspective and focus can be adjusted.

With Capish Reflect there is no longer need for specialized programming or custom formulas to explore and visualize data. Since it’s based on the XML-format, it’s also future proof.

This compelling, customer specific solution can be adapted to any knowledge domain or business area. Its speed of execution will save your organization time and, at the end of the day, Capish Reflect will prove to be extremely cost efficient and ease the burden of understanding complex data.

Please contact our Customer Service if you have any questions or need information regarding Capish Reflect. We’re always happy to come in contact with you.