Data Drives Success
For Reuse and Sustainability


Collecting data is a huge cost in any organization. By integrating data from various sources, you not only have access to all data but it is at your fingertips for reuse whenever needed. With one integrated database the needs of different user groups can be met in different user applications. With a graph database and expandable information model additional data can easily be added.

Capish Reflect makes it possible for users to access all data all the time through the web-based interface.

The applications take full advantage of metadata that is available together with each data point in the development of intuitive applications adapted for different purposes allowing for immediate creation of any graph, table or timeline.

The patented technology makes it possible to view data from different perspectives and easily define cohorts for exploration and comparisons.

The solution also allows users to work with data on an aggregate level in e.g scatter plots, distribution graphs or list boxes as well as finding outliers and exploring all data related to them.

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