A new approach to data exploration


All data in one place. And available.

With Capish Reflect® you have a solution where all data is in one place. The software is understandable, accessible and available. Wherever you are and whenever you want.

When you outsource a clinical study, the collected data is an asset for future use that should be managed. By wrapping it up for you in a future proof, secure, and consistent xml format, we release you from scattered and fragmented data.

Not only will Capish Reflect save you time, the software will give you more precise answers. 

Designed to give you an unprecedented competitive edge.

Highlight and compare the data models used for studies, and learn how to optimize the design for your future studies.

Different users and groups easily access relevant information and tools specific for their tasks.

Create sessions for selections, filters, visualizations and insights. Distribute and share the sessions easily.

Create and share cohorts with selections of patients. Follow up over time or study in-depth with reflective logic.

  • All data in one place
  • Understandable
  • Accessible
  • Available

Support your innovative powers.

Developments and breakthroughs come faster if your scientists and business analysts are empowered with data. Capish Reflect doesn’t just make it easy to check facts, it lets great ideas come on impulse.

Inspire the great ideas.

Your clinical data can be used and reused – explore and understand your data to identify unique patient groups, where your treatment has a high response rate, or perhaps find indications of completely new uses.

Improve continuously.

Use insights from existing data to perfect and plan future studies. Patient recruitment, selection of clinics, measurement methods and frequencies for tests with data driven decisions. At the end of the day, you will both save time and identify new opportunities.

  • Explore on a whim
  • See new opportunities
  • Dig into details
  • Recycle and enhance
  • Develop your own charts
  • Create cohorts

Share real-time insights.

Capish Reflect is designed for collaboration. Every user in a project has a controlled and precise access to the data needed for their tasks.

Collaborative platform

Attract external partners, scientists and investors by offering a unique collaborative platform for customized access to your data.

Point and click.

The application puts you in control to share selected data and findings with relevant parties regardless of scope. Best of all? The application is easy to use through a web-based point and click interface. Wherever you are.

  • Secure and fast sharing of data and findings.
  • Define user group specific subsets of data.
  • Design purposeful user views for any role or task.

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