Use and reuse data

Our skilled data curators are specialists in processing clinical data, converting it into standardized, common and future proof formats that allows for side-by-side comparisons.

Capish fully extracts all the valuable insights from your previous clinical trials, locates the data, retrieves it and compiles it for you together with proper documentation.

Lean on us in every step.

To effectively learn from the past and improve for the future, you must be able to make relevant comparisons between your clinical trials.

Often the data from a clinical study is collected and stored by an external service provider. Sometimes, numerous service providers are involved.

We can help you specify requirements of data and making sure you retrieve your data in the most usable formats.

Your previous clinical trials may contain data that are printed on paper. Or in semi-digitized formats as scanned copies of physical documents.

We can help you with strategies to digitize all your data, with complete traceability to scans of the original documents.

Over time, measuring units, measuring methods and scientific terminologies used in your studies can vary.

We can help you to convert your data to the uniform units and terminologies you prefer. Always with full traceability to the originally recorded data.

Our software Capish Reflect is based on a graph database. Hence, we can store data in its natural contexts, automatically providing created relations to other data.

We can offer an extensive and standardized ontology for modelling clinical trial data, easy to customize to your unique needs.

To effectively learn from the past and improve for the future, you must be able to make relevant comparisons between your clinical trials.

We help you make sure that data is comparable so that one question is enough to get useful answers from all your studies, attractively visualized in intuitive tables and charts.

All digitalized steps in the curation service offers audit trails for the data conversion processes. Moreover, our software Capish Reflect allows for XML exports of data and metadata, in self-explanatory and interoperable file formats.

We provide support for general exports, as well as data migration strategies for smooth and swift exits.

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Access all data in one place in an understandable format. Structure and standardize your data to be a strategic asset. With Capish your data is neatly wrapped up and made future proof. 


Explore your data on a whim. Discover opportunities that are completely new to you, and dig into the details. The ability to build complex cohorts together with an easy way of creating graphs, makes this software an indispensible tool for researchers within pharma.


Capish Reflect is designed for collaboration. Attract external partners, scientists and investors by offering a unique platform with customized access to your data. Share selected data and findings with relevant parties.