Our Vision: A Wiser World
Deliver Inspiring Products

About Capish

Capish is a software company developing innovative products for exploration and visualization of data.

Capish offers customer specific solutions utilizing these products.

At Capish we are driven by a vision that we can contribute to the creation of a wiser world. Capish® Reflect utilizes our patented technology to handle, optimize and query data in a way not possible before. Research, pharma and health care are just some of the areas where our software makes a difference.
That’s why our mission is to deliver inspiring products that empower users to turn their data into knowledge.
Capish is privately owned with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden and a subsidiary in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Staffan Gestrelius

Capish was founded by Dr. Staffan Gestrelius. Prior to founding Capish, Staffan also founded and served as CEO of QlikTech during the company’s first six years.
Staffan received a Master of Science degree in Technical Physics and made notable contributions as an Associate Professor of Medical Physiology through his teaching and research at the University of Lund. Staffan has been a pioneer in the simulation of complex biological processes since the 1980’s.

Eva Kelty

Since 2012 Eva Kelty is the CEO of Capish. Prior to joining Capish Eva has worked with drug development both in pharma and CRO’s as well as with software development.
Eva has a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Master of Business Administration.