Values for a better tomorrow

Ethical Compass

Capish is a company that develops and provides tools for data exploration and visualization through the use of property graph databases. Our proprietary software is developed with medical and pharmaceutical industries in mind with the ambition to aid research in the creation of a healthier mankind.

This humanistic discourse has formed an ethical compass for Capish that is reflected in the company’s core values. We envision ourselves as contributors to A Wiser World, and we let this vision guide our ambitions.
As a consequence, we act with confidentiality, loyalty and respect towards our clients, prospective clients, employees and the public. Capish perform and practice business with high ethical standards, in a manner only appropriate for serious professionalism.

We believe in people and embrace diversity.


Capish is dedicated in shaping a sustainable future, and constantly implement measures for a better tomorrow, both in environmental and social terms. Through promotion of eco friendly products, we source everything from the best choices of electricity down to printing paper.

The tools that Capish develop are concepted for the reuse and recycling of data. This is not a matter of just a reprocessing of bytes or kilobytes in a computer – much of the data collected within research today is generally utilized for one study case only. With Capish existing data can be aggregated for use in other contexts, thereby reducing the climate footprint of physically gather new data.

As an employer Capish focus on what is most beneficial for its employees, treating everyone respectfully and equally. Following the methodology of Scrum teams, we put people before processes, as outlined in the Agile Manifesto.

At Capish we recognize the value of competence development and knowledge sharing, and are involved in several initiatives aiming for increased industry awareness. Not only for the company’s staff but also for the general public.

Incidence Report

All of Capish’s employees are professional individuals who behave in a civilized, responsible and ethical way towards each other and the public. If, in the unlikely event, you have experienced otherwise in contact with representatives of Capish, we would appreciate to come in contact with you to rectify the incidence.

Code of Conduct