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The Sicilian Dictionary

Where does the name Capish come from, and what does it mean? Staffan Gestrelius explains the background of the name and why there’s an Italian twist. Prego!

The Graph Data Leap in Clinical Science

Moving clinical data into a graph database is a paradigm shift. Capish Reflect introduces a new way of understanding and analyzing complex relationships in a user-friendly way.

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Versatility with Graph Data

Full length video with Capish’s founder Staffan Gestrelius, interviewed by CEO Eva Kelty. Watch and listen how the Capish solutions can improve data exploration and analysis in clinical science.

Understanding Select & Act

Separating Select and Act as functions in Capish Reflect opens up new possibilities in exploring and analysing data.

Recent Videos:

Customer Implementation

Staffan Gestrelius explains how customer data like reports, spreadsheets and SAS datasets are curated, harmonized and mapped to the Capish Ontology.

Rapid Answers to Questions

Empowering users with a flexible and easy to use interface, increases knowledge building processes for teams and organizations .

Standardized Ontology

The Capish Ontology is a standardized method for modelling information to the graph database. Staffan Gestrelius explains how this is done.

Structure, Innovate, Collaborate

Staffan Gestrelius and Eva Kelty discusses the three principles of Capish Reflect.

Seamless Flexibility with Capish Reflect

Staffan Gestrelius describes the benefits of using Capish Reflect, and outlines some of the fundamental features of the software.

Intuitive Tools and Data Exploration

What possibilities and benefits does Capish offer? Staffan Gestrelius explains.

Explaining the Patented Reflective Logic

By using examples from a database made up of wine bottles, this video explains how the patented Capish Reflective Logic works.