FAIR and Flexible

Instead of starting from scratch you can chose a proven application template. Capish Ongoing Study Explorer is designed for ongoing or recently completed studies. It helps you make wiser decisions and take swift actions by providing an overview of the study’s current state and trends. The features are focusing on identifying anomalies and outliers.

With the Capish Clinical Data Repository you have a solution designed for effective storage and exploration of your recently completed studies. The features selected are focusing on comparative analysis between study designs, patients, and treatments in the context of efficacy and safety.

Lean on us in every step.

Ability to change is key to survival for any organization. The modular functionality of Capish Reflect makes it easy to design new toolboxes as your needs change.

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Accelerate your steps towards fair data through our expertise, services and proven methods.

Ready to go


A software agile to changes and a governance model allowing continuous improvements.

Taking control of the past and securing the future of your data assets is a long-term commitment. Capish provides all the services you will need for a long-term success.

Transforming foul data* into fair data** can be a cumbersome process. Especially if you have many studies performed over a long time by different service providers. Let us help you in securing data in a structured format. Use our experiences and effective methods to ease the workload of your organization.

FOUL data: Fragmented, Obfuscated, Unstructured, and maybe even Lost.
** FAIR data: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable.

Read our white paper Robust Data Stewardship for more information on how the Capish solutions are built with FAIR data in mind.


Access all data in one place in an understandable format. Structure and standardize your data to be a strategic asset. With Capish your data is neatly wrapped up and made future proof. 


Explore your data on a whim. Discover opportunities that are completely new to you, and dig into the details. The ability to build complex cohorts together with an easy way of creating graphs, makes this software an indispensible tool for researchers within pharma.


Capish Reflect is designed for collaboration. Attract external partners, scientists and investors by offering a unique platform with customized access to your data. Share selected data and findings with relevant parties.