A pioneering innovation

Data Querying and Graphs

What really sets Capish Reflect® apart, is its query logic and possibility to create cohorts based on complex criteria. Capish has taken property graph databases one step further by utilizing an ontology-based information model, and by implementing several indices.

By applying optimized search methods, the end-user can query and explore complex data and instantly receive the results through the patented technology.

Capish Reflect utilizes two types of query logics – relational logic that will identify all holons whose content and relations fulfil any of the selected criteria, and reflective logic that expands the retrieved data sets.

This paves the way for a new application of set logic which goes beyond how relational databases work – with Capish Reflect you can easily involve and, or and and not in a data query. From a medical perspective an example could be a search for patients that have headache and pneumonia or headache and rheumatic fever, but not respiratory symptoms. This kind of query would be challenging to perform with a relational database, that fundamentally is no different in logic than those of simple spreadsheets.

Reflective logic is a two-step method used to retrieve responses to queries by either finding all holons of a defined reflection point, or reversing the search by finding all Holons related to the previously found holons of the reflection point.
Capish Reflect is a pioneering innovation giving immediate access to all the data and all its relationships.

The software resolves contemporary challenges of data accessibility and usability, and the benefits of the software becomes even more apparent as the complexity of the data and the questions increases.

Data Querying and Graphs