Data Drives Success
Customer Specific Solutions


Throughout the implementation process Capish works closely with each customer to ensure that all benefits are realized. The process is iterative and the customer provides feedback during each iteration, from design to a final solution that is tested and end-users are trained. Thereafter the solution is available for customer validation and roll-out. Capish also offers solution support.

An important step in the preparation of a customer solution is the curation of the source data into a well-structured information model to achieve an annotated data set for integration. This is a customer-specific instantiation of the conceptual model that is unique for Capish, the Capish® Ontology.

The Capish Ontology Editor where our team manages and updates the information model.

Applications are configured in Capish Reflect utilizing components with different levels of flexibility.

Anything from static summaries, pre-configured tables or graphs with dynamically changing content based on selections to self-service components where the optimal interface is made available depending on the choice of parameters and purpose of exploration.

All applications configured in Capish Reflect are accessed through a web browser.

The server can be hosted either within a corporate network or using an external service provider. This makes Capish Reflect ideal for collaborative work across departments, organizations and geographic boundaries.

Please contact us if you would like to request a demo or have any questions related to Capish Reflect or the solutions that we offer.