Fullstack Developer

Position: Fullstack Developer

We are looking for new colleagues to strengthen our development team and contribute to our work with developing the state-of-the-art graph data solutions.

As a developer, we believe you are the kind of person that is eager to learn, love to solve complex problems and write code that is both beautiful and smart. At Capish you’ll be able to move freely between design and backend and you’ll have the opportunities to make impact on user experience.

We believe you already know the stack and dev tools we use well, but we always make sure we are up to date with the latest technology, and we are early in adopting new functions and methods. This is true for our way of coding, testing and automating workflows.

At Capish we rather make sure our code is correct sooner rather than later. That’s not a unique practice, but it’s a practice that must be backed-up by the entire organization and that needs to have solid routines in order to work. Our testers make sure the code works, document it and make sure it meets the scope of the sprint. We have guidelines on how we structure our code and commit it, we make code reviews through pull requests and have automated test flows for core functionality.

We believe you have an agile mindset and love to collaborate with others.

Our wish-list for you:

  • Multiple years’ experience from C# and TypeScript
  • Experience in React or similar UI framework and Git for version control
  • Committed to unit-testing
  • Interested in graph databases and data exploration/visualization
  • Excited and experienced in working and contributing in a scrum team
  • Love to solve problems
  • Experience from working withhigh quality and documentation demands

Majority of work is in-house but you should be open to external interactions e.g., meetings and training.

Does this sound like the right job for you? Then send us your CV by email to jobs@capish.com and we’ll get in touch shortly.

Fullstack developer