Data drives success

Capish Reflect is an unprecedented tool in the exploration of clinical data. The software lets you access and work with data whenever you want, and wherever you are.

Use and reuse data from previous studies, collaborate and share data, and make your data future proof with this new and patented technology for clinical science.

Be a step ahead of the unexpected.

With Capish Reflect you have constant access to your clinical data. Create reports and exports with the software, collaborate with your team in real-time or discover new opportunities.

Developments and breakthroughs come faster if your scientists and business analysts are empowered with data. Capish Reflect doesn’t just make it easy to check facts, it lets great ideas come on impulse.

Your clinical data can be used and reused – explore and understand your data to identify unique patient groups, where your treatment has a high response rate, or perhaps find indications of completely new uses.


Access all data in one place in an understandable format. Structure and standardize your data to be a strategic asset. With Capish your data is neatly wrapped up and made future proof. 


Explore your data on a whim. Discover opportunities that are completely new to you, and dig into the details. The ability to build complex cohorts together with an easy way of creating graphs, makes this software an indispensible tool for researchers within pharma.


Capish Reflect is designed for collaboration. Attract external partners, scientists and investors by offering a unique platform with customized access to your data. Share selected data and findings with relevant parties.

Consolidate your clinical data.

Our skilled data curators converts your data to standardized, common and future proof formats.

Life science is based on data. In many organizations, specialist knowledge in statistical methods is required to understand the data, and the competence to write code is called for.

Capish Reflect is designed to ease the workload by making possible for all users to find the answers they are looking for. With an easy to use point-and-click interface, results are found in a glimpse and great ideas flourish swiftly.

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